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Nate just opened a music page on myspace today. It's here: http://www.myspace.com/nathanielxmarshall

He's posted a couple new tunes and some new pix (he has a new look as of today!) over there you might want to go check out... Anyone know how to rip tunes to mp3 from myspace pages? *grin* *begs*
I was bored here at work tonight, and just found a new mosaic program to play with today, so here is my first attempt at anything creative. All Nate, of course... Please forgive me if it sucks...

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I had nothing to do in my WIP class today, so, you get icons. Haha.

[11] Danny Noriega
[18] Jim Verraros
[16] Josiah Leming
[15] Nate Marshall

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

who's gonna buy your drinks? uh, YOU, bitch..
I posted this over on my journal, but realized that it should definitely be here as well. You've probably seen these pix before, but they are some of my faves... and you can never look at Nate pix too many times...

Nate's this way...Collapse )
I'm new here, but enjoy my Nate stuff as much as the rest of you. I wondered if I could get any help in finding info on Nate's tats and piercings. Pix or details about them would be love. Thanks...
I spent the better part of my evening working on some AI8 icons :) The first post of the icon dump is dedicated to Nate<3

[01] Nate Marshall/Cody Sheldon (this photo is (C) American Idol)
[46] Nate (a few include various friends of his)
[01] Nate/Mishavonna Henson/some other guy who's name is Josh I think
[03] Nate/Adam Lambert
[04] Nate/Alex Wagner-Trugman
[03] Nate/Allison Iraheta
[07] Nate's tattoos

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

click here for icons!

Hey guys! Nate's updated a BUNCH of a pics on his myspace. Then link is above. If you haven't already friended him, do so now! I love him so much, and he looks amazing in all his pictures. I'm glad we got a shirtless pic so we could see the tattoo. I've been wondering what it says since we got that little sneak peak when he was on Idol. It makes me love him more, honestly, and I didn't think that was possible! Also, do a search on him on youtube.com. There are a couple of new videos up, including a performance of his at an elementary school in VT. He sang "No One" by Alicia Keys and the ending had "Where is the Love" mixed in. In fact, here's the link to that vid: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vSGk12kW_y8 . Thanks to BigNLiddle for posting that up for us. Anyway, I figured we needed some updates on here, and I'm really trying to keep the Nate love alive! Enjoy guys! :-D
Hi guys! I'm a little slow, but I've been trying to search for fansites or LJ pages using "Nathaniel Marshall" and have gotten NOTHING! My dumbass just decided to try "Nate" instead and this popped up. YAY! I'm really excited to find this, and I hope you guys are still out there. Nate may be off Idol, but I believe in him and think he can make it without the show. Let's keep this page, and the love for Nate, alive? Pretty please? I know ya'll are out there! :-D Love, love, love you guys! :-D 
I thieved this from the David Cook fan myspace again.


A clip of Nate in the musical "Into the Woods"
Nate's the guy on the right.

ALSO. I've updated the audio post, so go check it out. :]